Donations In Kind

Donations In-Kind

We are extremely appreciative for in-kind donations made to support and benefit our programs. Our needs are varied by show or class, but often very broad. Perhaps you, or someone you know may be able to help us out!  Our current “Wish List” includes:

  • OFF-SITE STORAGE SPACE: We amass many valuable pieces of set and furniture that are regularly used though not in every production. This enables us to save money and maximize the use of our limited rehearsal space
  • ROLLING BINS & GARMENT RACKS: We need the ability to safely transport props and costumes between studio space and performance venue
  • MICROPHONES & MISCELLANEOUS SOUND GEAR: We use individual headset microphones for musical productions and area microphones for assisting with larger scenes and non-musical play amplification.
  • TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS: Lighting gear, cords, monitors & speakers, special effect machines, drills, saws, etc can always be used for our parent committees to use in volunteer work sessions
  • SET SUPPLIES: Lumber, hardware, paint
  • COSTUMING SUPPLIES: Gently used clothing items sizes 4t-adult, fabric (including sheets, curtains, tablecloths, or other large fabric pieces), notions, sewing equipment
  • CRAFTING SUPPLIES: Hot glue guns, felt, feathers, flowers, craft paint etc
  • UNIQUE HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Antique kitchen or living items (rotary phones, hot press irons, wooden serving ware, period furniture, etc

 If you would like a more detailed list of our immediate needs, please contact us at 888-892-ARTS (2787) ext 104 or email