2020 Fundraising Drive

We have recently taken possession of a NEW facility that will enable us to expand our offering into visual arts as well as our performing arts education with class-based instructional opportunities. Our first 2020 Fundraising Goal is to cover our facility expenses for the duration of our 2020 season, so that we can confidently plan classes, camps, workshops and performance rehearsals without passing the financial burden on through any event fees for our enrolled programs. This amount includes cost of leasing and utilities, insurance, facility maintenance and supplies, and administrative costs. This amount does not include any type of staffing expense or teacher/director compensation — we are grateful to our team of volunteers who keep our building organized, clean and with additional support and supervision during events!

Our new facility is in conjunction with The Well Outreach of Spring Hill, so by assisting MSYT with our monthly facility expenses, you also contribute to The Well’s mission in expanding their ability to serve the community, so your donations can go twice as far to serve the community!


Use the pledge form below to make a pledge to be picked up in person!

Goals total updated at 10p on Friday, January 10.

MONTHLY GOAL – $3000 in recurring donations charged monthly to our supporters

AMOUNT RAISED: $30 per month
Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

ANNUAL GOAL – $36,000 in one-time donations combined with recurring donations

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams


For those who would like to contribute offline using cash or check, please use the pledge form below!

If you have further questions about bequests, in-kind donations or other forms of non-monetary giving, please select the CONTACT US ABOUT OTHER OPPORTUNITIES button to connect with our executive team!

Thank you for supporting the arts in Middle Tennessee!