A whimsical reinvention of Dickens’ most beloved Christmas story in wacky rhymed couplets. With zoot fruited juices and binka bird geese, from Bed-Headed Fred to Timmy Loo Hoo, this tale of glorious holiday cheer is similar to something Dr. Seuss might have come up with — if he ever had his way with the story…

Performing at Northfield Auditorium, 5000 Northfield Lane, Spring Hill, TN 37174

Show Dates:

December 14 at 7p

December 15 at 2p

December 15 at 7p


The Scrooge – Lucas Collins

Jake Marley – Hudson Murphy

Solicitors – Hayden Sharp, Bishop Utt

Ghost of Christmas Past – Allison Gaw

Scrooge’s Band  – Carter Stewart, Kian Kilpatrick, Keaton Goldsmith, Barrett Bishop

Scrooge’s Band Fans – Adalyn Goldsmith, Bishop Utt, Holland Murphy, Corey Diehl, Caeden Diehl, Hayden Sharp

Old Fezziwig – Ella Duvall

Little Fan – Adalyn Goldsmith

Younger Scrooge – Caeden Diehl

Schoolmaster – Carter Stewart

Servant – Barrett Bishop

Boy Scrooge – Ephraim Bolger

Young Scrooge – Kian Kilpatrick

Belle – Holland Murphy

Belle’s Husband – Keaton Goldsmith

Ghost of Christmas Present – Hudson Murphy

Cratchit – Kian Kilpatrick

Mrs Cratchit – Allison Gaw

Timmy Loo Hoo – Hayden Sharp

Sally – Adalyn Goldsmith

Ringo – Bishop Utt

Cratchit Children – Corey Diehl, Barrett Bishop, Ephraim Bolger

Lighthouse Keepers –  Carter Stewart, Caeden Diehl

Sailors – Keaton Goldsmith, Kian Kilpatrick, Caeden Diehl, Ephraim Bolger

Bed-Head WiniFred – Ella Duvall

WiniFred’s Husband – Carter Stewart

Party Guests – Caeden Diehl, Holland Murphy, Keaton Goldsmith, Kian Kilpatrick

Christmas Future – Ella Duvall

Bystanders – Caeden Diehl, Ephraim Bolger, Bishop Barrett

Christmas Day Boy – Keaton Goldsmith

Maid – Holland Murphy